Fifty Year of Mustang Commemorated in Pinball Machine Game

Stern Pinball is celebrating 50 years of the Ford Mustang in its own way: by creating three modern versions of a Mustang-themed pinball game. It’s been ages since we at Shults Ford Lincoln of Wexford have even looked at a pinball machine, but we’re definitely looking forward to playing the new, all-things-Mustang game.2014 Ford Mustang

What makes this pinball game so much better than other special edition machines? It features the handiwork of Ford GT designer, Camilo Pardo; and as for how it operates, Stern Pinball’s executive VP for Game Design, George Gomez, said, “You’ll be collecting Mustangs; you’ll be modifying Mustangs; you’ll be racing Mustangs; you’ll be doing all the things that people do with Mustangs.”

We mentioned three versions:

The game’s first version, the pro-level, is intended for arcades and public spaces. The machine is on display at this year’s Chicago Auto Show.

The second version is the premium level. It will include additional art to attract pinball machine collectors.

The third version of the machine is the special edition. This edition is signed and highlights the 50th anniversary with artwork of the 1965 and 2015 Mustangs.

Discounting the pro-level’s price tag at just under $5,000, which version of the Mustang Pinball Game would you choose?

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