Ford Fusion Drops Over 700 Pounds for “Lightweight Concept” Experiment

Even though it’s yet to hit dealerships, Ford’s upcoming lightweighted 2015 F-150 is, by all expert accounts and reviews, poised to be Ford’s best and most popular F-150 ever. That’s saying something, since the F-150 has been part of America’s best-selling truck series for the last 37 years. But when you realize that, thanks largely to an aluminum frame, this new truck is stronger, lighter, and more efficient than previous models, it starts to make sense.

It also makes sense for Ford to ride this success and try to employ lightweighting strategies and technology in other ways as well. That’s just what they’ve done with the Lightweight Concept, which is basically a Ford Fusion that’s undergone a makeover to lose 700 pounds. For the Lightweight Concept, Ford replaced basically every part of the Fusion with a lighter alternative, gleefully experimenting to see just how light and efficient they could make the sedan.

The result is a car full of aluminum, carbon fiber, and even something called Gorilla Glass, all of which adds up to a car that looks like a Fusion but weighs like a Fiesta—and gets the Fiesta’s fuel economy numbers as well. We’ll probably have to wait a while to see a production version of the Lightweight Concept—there’s no current plans for one and all that carbon fiber is expensive—but here at Shults Ford Lincoln of Wexford we’re excited to be part of a company with such an innovative spirit and bright future.

Ford Fusion

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