Ford Global Caring Month Starts Strong with Clean Water Project Grants and More

Ford’s Global Caring Month has started, and Ford is kicking off the month-long event with two huge project grants. First, Ford Volunteer Corps has given a $200,000 grant to the Thailand Clean Water Community Project. Ford has also committed to donate $700,000 to purchase supplies for volunteer projects.

The Thailand Clean Water Community Project was the winner of the first ever Bill Ford Better World Challenge and aims to repair storage tanks and install water purifiers, sinks, and restroom fixtures in the town of Chanthaburi, Thailand, which is home to 3,300 residents.

Hundreds of Ford volunteers will gather in Chanthaburi to help the project become reality. The project will also provide clean water for crop irrigation and community gardens as well as creating hands-on learning opportunities for the community.

The Bill Ford Better World Challenge was started last year to celebrate the tenth year of the Ford Volunteer Corps and has also granted funds to innovative mobility services. During Global Caring Month, the Ford Volunteer Corps will participate in hundreds of community projects including renovating a school in Angola, overhauling food bank delivery in Colombia, and modernizing a mental health facility in the UK.

Since Global Caring Month started in 2005, more than 20,000 volunteers have contributed more than a million community services hours, doing $29 million worth of community investments in 48 countries.

Global Caring Month

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