Richard Bazzy Steps In and Fixes A Unique Situation

How long would you be willing to wait for your car to get fixed?  We are talking maybe a new part or some routine maintenance.  A couple of days tops?  Well, Al Miller, an individual who took his vehicle into a Pittsburgh dealership in December, waited a full 7 months for his catalytic converter to be fixed on his 7 year old car and was given every excuse in the book as to why it was taking so long.  In the end, he was informed that they couldn’t fix it because it was too old.

Miller took his story to KDKA’s Marty Griffin, who made a single phone call that put him in touch with Shults Ford Lincoln in Wexford.  Shults Ford, led by owner Richard Bazzy, previously had nothing to do with Miller’s car until Griffin contacted Bazzy.  Bazzy immediately wanted to help fix the problem.

“I want to get involved Marty, because I don’t want that to represent the brand, how customers are treated at Ford,” Bazzy stated.

He made only a few phone calls, located the part that was needed, and sent one of his employees to the state of Ohio to pick it up.  Ford stepped right in and did what they could to rectify the situation.

In the end, Miller’s car was fixed and he couldn’t be more grateful.  Thanks to getting Marty Griffin and Richard Bazzy involved, Miller was reunited with his car within a week of the initial contact!  If you are looking for a dealership that cares about your needs and are willing to do anything to help, then any of the three Shults locations would be the perfect choice for you!

To see the full news story and the video, click here!

Richard Bazzy

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