How Technology Has Improved Our Driving For Us

There is no denying that many things have improved on each and every vehicle on the market over the years.  From the style, to the comfort, to the durability, the automotive industry is always evolving.  But there is one area of the automotive industry that has evolved more than any other part and that’s technology.  From the invention of the seat belt, all the way up to active braking and blind spot detection, technology has improved our driving for us.

At Shults Ford Lincoln of Wexford, we want to share with you some of these great advances in technology.

Alert Driving Warnings:  There are many automakers working on a system that will alert a driver if the car senses the driver is non-responsive to traffic.  The car will do something like vibrate the seat to bring the driver’s attention back to the traffic conditions.

Active Braking:  Some vehicles now have mounted cameras on them and will detect if something is in the way.  The vehicle will apply the brakes to avoid an accident.  In addition to the active braking feature, the vehicle will notify the driver before taking automatic action, making the driver aware of the obstacle in the way.

Blind Spot Detection:  Vehicles now are starting to have small lights on the driver and passenger side mirrors that light up when the vehicle detects a possible collision from something in the blind spot.

These are just a few of the great advanced safety technologies that the automotive industry is adding to vehicles.  Visit us at Shults Ford if you would like to learn more!

technology has improved our driving

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